Fair Trade Data™

Turn everyday digital interactions into data-transactions that get you paid and keep brands honest >

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Save, trade, and get paid for your data >

  • Save >

    Save your data to your OkTY account and set your permissions_

  • Trade >

    Trade your data with brands you like by engaging with them on the OkTY app_

  • Get paid >

    Get paid for your data and power-up your money_

Everything on OkTY is opt-in and optional >

Best bank for your data?


Think of your OkTY account as your digital exoskeleton_

It provides best in class security for all your data types_ along with simple, smart, secure ways to make money with your data_

It’s CCPA and GDPR compliant_

And designed to enhance your digital experience by giving you greater control over your data 
and transactions_

Best bank for your money?

We’re working on it_

OkTY aims to be a best in class financial services provider_ which means not shortcutting the compliance process_ and that could take another 2yrs_

So whilst OkTY is already certified to offer you a bank card and some basic financial products, it’s not full service RN_ so don’t throw away your other cards_ yet_


By giving you the ability to control your data, OkTY changes the rules of engagement, forcing brands to pay you for data they would otherwise take without your knowledge or consent_ we call this is a trade_

Trades take place on the OkTY app when you engage with content and/or offers from brands_ making these trades gets you paid_ sound fair?

FYI: to ensure these trades don’t interfere with your experience, we allow you to automate these decisions based on the preferences and permissions you’ve set_